Children's Day at the Museum

From 4 October 2016 - 30 November 2016

Great news! Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery will be celebrating the 2016 Children's Day at the Museum for the month of October and November. The theme of the celebration is "Wallet Wonders" as it is in conjunction with our ongoing exhibition "Works on Paper: Art Inside the Wallet". There are many activities lined up for the children to enhance financial literacy and to learn about the history of money through fun and play, in the form of puzzle races, workshops, talks, hands-on activities and much more.

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Works on Paper

Works on Paper : Art Inside the Wallet

From 4 August 2016 Until 30 November 2016

This exhibition takes a new look at old subject matter. Banknotes have existed for centuries and are often masterpieces of design, with the added ingenuity of security features. Works on Paper: Art Inside the Wallet highlights the artistry of these miniature marvels and the practical challenges of the banks that issue them. It is a chance to enter a world that is usually unappreciated and unseen inside our wallets.

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Museum Shop

Museum Shop

Open from 10am to 5.45pm, our gift shop features a wide selection of unique specialty gifts, jewellery, exclusive Bank Negara Malaysia commemorative items and publications that make thoughtful gifts and memorable souvenirs.


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Facilities and services

Special Needs Assistance

Special needs assistance

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery recognizes the different needs of our visitors and is equipped with wheelchair ramps, elevators and special needs restrooms.

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There is no charge for entry to the galleries.

Free guided tours

Guided tours by our trained Museum Guides are available. Please e-mail us at infomuseum@bnm.gov.my

Note: Guided tours are subject to availability of guides and are limited to 20 participants per session; Estimated duration for each guided tour is between 60 to 90 minutes.

Group Booking Procedure May - August 2016

Public Conveniences

Public conveniences

Restrooms are available on every floor. You can also find ATM facilities, cashless payment card machines, personal lockers and prayer rooms for Muslims, along with elevators that accommodate wheelchairs and baby strollers.